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Beer is made by fermentation cause by bacteria feeding on yeast cells and then defecating. In other words, it's a nice tall glass of bacteria doo-doo.

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rizzle shizzle:
"bacteria doo-doo" how very factual sounding.. believed every word of it.
S M:
Common Brewing/Baking Yeast is Saccharomyces Genus! Most beer is fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, same as bread yeast. To put the latin into common words: Saccharo = sugar Myces = fungus cerevisiae = of grain Yeast splits the sugar molecule using an enzyme, and poops alcohol, and pees out C02. Other organisms like Bacteria never have a chance to grow if theres enough Yeast fermentation, most brews do NOT contain bacteria.
Um, yeast is not bacteria, it's a member of the fungus kingdom. As it does not have a digestive system it does not, or should I say cannot, "poop". Poop is anything your body cannot digest and so it passes though your system. A better comparison would be pee, as it is the byproducts of biochemical processes within your body. The best I would say is "excrement". But that's just an awesome word in general!
That's what I was going to say
What? Yeast is bacteria. it eats the sugars from the grain and then poops alcohol. Way to be ignorant!

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