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Nobody yet has explained satisfactorily why couples who marry in January, February, and March tend to have the highest divorce rates.

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Cuz tahts like teh beginning of the yeaaaar, usually after Christmas / New Year parties when they meet. They move their relationship too fast :d Heh.
what do you mean "'wedding season' is that?"? its common knowledge that wedding season is basically May-September, particularly June and September..ask anyone who works in that business.. and a wedding in off-season is more likely to have lower rates for makeup, hall rental, just about everything. i agree with your response to 3 and 4 - but chill out with your smartass remarks because i think nunya pretty much nailed it with 1 and 2 (despite the fact that they have said some pretty dumb shit in some of their other comments). stop and think before trying to make someone else look like an idiot, idiot.
I think Nunya is somewhat on the right track, especially the shotgun part.
Bob Slefty:
Nunya, you speak a load of twaddle. 1. 'wedding season'.. wtf is that? couples marry throughout the year. 2 how does getting married in Jan/Feb/Mar make them cheapskates? your lack of logic almost defies belief. 3. huh?? generally couples marry at the time that suits them best.. if they plan their wedding around what works for all their guests, chances are they'll never be getting married.. and 4. how does getting married in March mean that you're cheesy for choosing a date around valentines? or on Jan 30th because it's around New years? You're talking out of your ass. You fail miserably and horribly at commenting. stop now and disconnect yourself from the internet before you do yourself some lasting damage..
Because they are crazy cold lovers that are: 1. unable to wait for wedding season (shotgun) 2. cheapskates on their own wedding 3. Inconsiderate that winter travel and time off work around the holidays can be difficult for guests. 4. Cheesy types that get married on or around New Years and Valentines.

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