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96% of people put the peanut butter on first when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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It's commen sence. you put the PB down first on both sides so that the jelly doesnt make the brea all gooie. PB&J $ LIFE <3
T.O., why not just spread the pb and the j on different slices of bread?
im of the 4%, honestly, i have a weird problem putting a knife into jelly after putting into pb. jelly is a bit easier to rinse off the knife than pb. well, thats just me..
Tony Orlando:
Peanut butter is thicker. It is far easier to spread jelly on peanut butter than vice versa.
More Stupid Facts:
And 70% of men have put peanut butter on their genitals and let their K-9 take it off for them. And of those men 25% have ended up in the hospital. At least that is the Numbers that the doctor gave me when I was there.

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