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It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word is spear.

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Posted by Casey | November 19, 2008 | 18:34:12Well good luck to you! After all these years in Knoxville, I just want out.:-D But like they say, different stkores for different folks. Hope your interview went well! -Posted by Andrea | November 21, 2008 | 02:00:58Thanks I don't think I want to work for that company. It gave me bad vibes and seemed very sales' oriented.I lived in Knoxville for awhile about 5 years ago. Now I am thinking I hated it because I was mostly alone and also I lived in West Knoxville. I think having Jon there with me will make a big difference. Also, being in downtown instead of out West (land of the strip mall). Well, we're not even for sure we'll move to Knoxville, it may fall through. We're leaving our options o pen. - [url=]ztnydrjm[/url] [link=]baegmgg[/link]
I recall<a href=""> seieng</a> the RSC videos at the BFI somes years ago, and they are still very impressive. However, this series sat between two other major productions.The BBC's AGE OF KINGS, which gave me my first taste of the Henries, with a terrific cast including Paul Daneman as Gloucester/Richard III.And later, there was the magnificent English Shakespeare Company Henries and Wars of the Roses to complete the cycle. This was also recorded and I was delighted to present the series for the Friends of Shakspeare's Globe, ending with a Q&A with Michael Bogdanov.
A few thoughts on your quseoitn of redundancy in the Psalms.1. Even if you preach through the Psalms for 1 year you will only preach 1/3 of the Psalms. This allows for careful selection to cover all the themes without too much repetition.2. It often takes more than one sermon for a theme to really take root in the life of a congregation. It is the preacher's task to bring to life similar passages in fresh ways.3. I would probably not actually spend an entire year on the Psalms (though it's tempting). Dave lays out good reasons below. I did once preach from the Psalms for about 10 straight weeks, seeking to cover representative Psalms that opened the congregation to the rhythm of life found in the Psalms. It was an important time of spiritual development for both me and the congregation. [url=]lxnqkbaw[/url] [link=]hujyvga[/link]
Just to chime in here in general I don't think I would do a whole year of <a href="">priaehcng</a> in one book. It's very difficult to have people sustain in one book of scripture on a sunday morning in this way and there's a reason almost no christian or even non-Christian traditions skip around for a more broad focus on scriptures.There's also a reason that some of those who notably did very long series early in their <a href="">priaehcng</a> (Paul Hontz did that in Job for like 44 weeks, and Rob Bell did a full year on Leviticus to launch Mars Hill) don't stick with it. It's not very sustainable. And in some ways it can be a <a href="">priaehcng</a> stunt that I don't know we should try to pull.HOWEVER to speak out of the other side of my mouth many of our churches get super-topical and less scriptural over time, so the idea of doing a very long (half-year, full year) series on a book can shock a church back into it's focus on scripture in <a href="">priaehcng</a>, and shock a preacher likewise. For that purpose, it can be very useful.
After spending the past two years doviureng about a gazillion young adult books of varying quality, this is the year I get back to reading some more challenging stories. For this reason, one of my resolutions is to read the entire Baroque Trilogy by Neil Stephenson. I read the first book a few years back but couldn't get my hands on books two and three. Last year Rob gave me the complete set but it's been so long since I read book one I know I'll need to read it all over again in order to get back into that immense and complicated story. Since each book is about a trillion pages long (shut up, they are too), I'm a bit daunted by the time commitment involved. But I know the pay-off will be worth it.Another resolution is that THIS year I am going to read every single book club pick and complete it at least 5 days before the actual meeting even if the book is a bleak, post-apocalyptic hell-scape plagued with hordes of baby-eating cannibals. Because THAT is how devoted I am to book club.
It is not true that king james bible was simply a well written version commisioned by King Jaqmes and anyone who suggests so simply doesnt know what they are talking about.The original KJB is widely considered one of the most accurate english translation due to the fact that the large team of europes finest translators assembled, usied the oldest fragments of the bible in existance and unlike many bibles superceding ie catholic etc,it is based on palestinian fragments some dating from just 30 years from the death of christ.The truth is the discovery of the dead sea scrolls and comparisons to KJB has revealed a stunning level of accuracy leaving gainsayers with nowhere to run.Though no English rendering can be perfect,even the experts are admitting from the forensical comparisons the KJB is pretty close to the pure unadulterated word of god in the english tongue and provides muslims aswell as christians and jews a chance to read an amazingly authentic english translation of torah and gospel.
i just sat down to see if it was true. It is partially true the first part about it being shake is true but the part about it spear is false
i go to a christian university in CA and my literature teacher explained this to us for about 20 minutes just the other day haha
well if u look hard enough u can find connections like these in anyting
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Actually, it's no Bible code at all, the Church commissioned such writers to put together this version. They didn't actually translate it, but rather put it together in well written form. The speculation (there is some evidence that lends itself to suggest this), not conspiracy, is that Shakespeare was one of the writers commissioned. Being the fantastic writer that he is, he may have inserted these hints to leave his own personal mark on the most widely distribute book ever.
As "Murk" stated below, "Spear" is the 47th word from the last word. So the entire theory is blown.. x.x
useless and not cool at all.
In response to Riley, studies have been done on Wikipedia by several reputable universities (including Harvard). These studies have found that Wikipedia is just as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. Do some research yourself.
There's also growing doubt the Holocaust occurred, but that doesn't make THAT less true. People who say Shakespeare never existed are just idiots who like to make stuff up.
the dates of Shakespeare's birth and death are highly speculative, and there is a growing doubt he was even a real person or just a community pen name used by nobles of the time who wished to not be acknowledged. Either way, Edzo is a dick who probably used some non-accredited source like Wikipedia.
46 divided by the number of Shakespeare's ie 1 is 46. Spooky
yea and theres more to it, there were supposed to be 46 scribes translating it, but instead there was 47
Shakespeare lived from 1564 – 1616. King James Version of the Bible was first begun in 1604 (age 40) and was first published in 1611 (age 47).. so he was 46 the year before it was published. So yeah, I'm going with "barely coincidental" and that is stretching it.
Spear is the 47th word from the last word
46/2 is 23. TWENTY_THREE!!
Who has the time to figure this stuff out? Wow, uselss but cool.
Woah. This sounded like bullshit so I went and counted the words myself, as well as double checking on Shakespeare's age.. not calling it any bible code like the last guy seems to imply, but it's a hilarious coincidence.
vaz the spaz:
hahahahahahahah thats so lame stupid bible codes i bet i could make my own code and yeah screw that futher more the kings james bible is not a nholy copy of the bible and any code fond in their is simply invented and not discovered.

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