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Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intraveinously.

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I hate everyone.
I hate everyone.
Unnecessary, but sort of necessary piece of knowledge: intravenously is spelled just like that, without that i.. Even if "vein" is.
Slash from Guns N Roses shot up liquor why can't this dumbass shoot up nutmeg. One less dumbass to bother us with stupid unnecessary knowledge.
fruit juices are not poisonous when injected. in fact, some people use that as a dissolving agent whilst injecting drugs. true, nutmeg is an hallucinogen but you have to eat a fuck load of it, so i'd imagine that some douchebag got the bright idea to inject it to save themselves from having to taste it.
Actually I suspect this piece of knowledge arose more due to the fact that nutmeg can be a powerful and long lasting halucinagenic - admittedly the trip you get off it is horrific, filled with parianoia and vomitting..
Just about ANYTHING is poisenous if injected intraveinously. Even such things as milk, air, glue, fruit juices and whatever else. Why would you want to inject nutmeg? I guess if you do so, you have other, more severe problems.. Statement is nonsense.

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