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No NFL team which plays it's home games in a domed stadium has ever won a Superbowl. (Texas Stadium, home of the Cowboys, is not a dome, there is a large hole in the roof.).

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St. Louis, Indy, New Orleans..
This fact was compiled 10 years ago. It was correct then.
i'm kinda starting to see why this site is for sale.. lol
Scott Lane:
The Indianapolis Colts won and they play in a domed stadium.
haha well put felix
Felix Paden:
LOL #1848 needs to delete itself. Hey MODERATOR FUCK YOU
Ryan Dunsmore:
The Colts won two years ago, they played all their home games in a domed stadium. They played in the RCA Dome.
Brass Balls:
St Louis has won the Superbowl and they play their home games in a dome. Ever heard about the "Greatest Show On Turf"
Brandon Schmidt:
The St. Louis Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. They play in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis

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