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The state with the longest coastline in the US is Michigan.

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i live in new england (maine) yes each state is very<a href=""> dfeeirfnt</a> Connecticut and Massachusettes are one big rat race, especially in Conn its a bunch of snobby rich people with a BMW in every driveway Mass isnt quite as bad and it has Boston which is one of the best cities in the world .but to answer, Maine has what you're looking for, especially the northern coast cof maine (the southern coast is known for its sandy beaches whereas the mid and north coast are known for its rugged rocky coastline).the towns that fit your needs are Boothbay harbor, Barh Harbor(though its a tourist town), Machias, Cutler, Lubec, Eastport plus a bunch of others that i didnt mention .Vermont and New Hampshire are very beautiful too but mostly known for their mountains and not so much for the coast Maine has both the coast and the mountains plus some great coastal towns to see (portland for example) and boston is a short drive away
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In the lower 48
Michigan not only surrounded by lakes but, has over 60,000 inland lakes as well. this is why it is number one .
You've gotta be kidding, Minnesota has over 90,000 Miles of shore line. With 10,000 lakes Michigan and Alaska don't have a chance
Kentucky has more than any of them besides Alaska. End of discussion!
Linda Snyder:
Websters defines coastline as-a line that forms the boundary between land and the ocean OR A LAKE. I rank the states as 1.Alaska-6, 640 , 2. Michigan-3, 288, 3. Florida-1, 350, 4. California-840 and 5. Hawaii-750. And can we cut some of the cussing and anger out of ou posts. Arent we all a little more mature than that?
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Please accept that there is nothing like 'freshwater coastline', this term is clearly self-contradictory.
Its freshwater coastline out of The contiguous 48 states and it is Oklahoma
Its freshwater coastline out of The contiguous 48 states and it is Oklahoma
Maine has over 3500 miles of coastline, the 3rd longest in the continental US dubasses.
Tiidal Coastline: #1 Florida (over 8,400 miles); #2 Lousiana
oklahoma has more freshwater shoreline than Michigan.. Oklahoma has approximately 55,646 miles of shoreline along lakes and ponds. and Oklahoma has approximately 167,600 miles of rivers/streams. for a total of 223246 miles of total freshwater shoreline.. more than east coast and gulf combined...
Ok Alaska, you win But to very other state In the lower 48 I'd tell it to your face You come in second place To Michigan Pass the French toast!
fake and gay
Pete G:
It has the longest freshwater shoreline of any political subdivision in the world
States with Longest Coastlines Rank State Bodies of Water Miles—General Coastline 1. Alaska Pacific/Arctic 6,640 2. Florida Atlantic/Gulf 1,350 3. California Pacific 840 4. Hawaii Pacific 750 5. Louisiana Gulf 397 6. Texas Gulf 367 7. North Carolina Atlantic 301 8. Oregon Pacific 296 9. Maine Atlantic 228 10. Massachusetts Atlantic 192 Michigan has 3288 miles of SHORLINE.. Well short of Alaska’s 6000+. This site just blurts shit out like a lot of dumb asses I know. Research should be easy these days but that requires work so fuck it. Work fucking cited: Source: Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service.
Alaska first - Then Michigan. Mind you, who gives a fuck about Alaska?
maybe they meant freshwater coastline
Calm down fellas. I think he means the lower 48 states.
Maine has more than michigan cause it has so many frigging islands
alaska idiots
what about florida??
Free Hat!
WHAT >>?? Totally not true. What about Alaska ?? its way bigger than people thing
Andrew Becker:
This is completely false
WTF? Alaska has more coastline than all other 49 states combined
Joseph Cooley:
NOT TRUE AK PWNs the Michigan Coastline
hmmmm who gives a ..
This is not true simply because coastline measurements are realtive to the size if the measuring device. Coastlines are pretty much fractal.
i highly doubt vic has a wife. I'm just posting here because theres already 21 comments.
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I like bananas and apples but I am not keen on oranges they make my hands sticky who cares if its shoreline or coast line,where is Michigan. Where is America ..French toast please.
I like bananas and apples but not keen on oranges they make my hands sticky.
I like bananas but I am not keen on oranges. Pears are nice and apples. Who gives a toss if its shore line or coast line. I dont but strawberries are lovely, Where is Michigan where is America.French toast please.
um..who cares
Lakeshore ain't coastline. When you travel this great nation "coast to coast" you aren't paddling a canoe in Michigan.
Michigan has the most lighthouses
Ben Dover 9k:
isn't it amusing how you can just say anything online regardless of if you're serious or if the information is true or not and some nizg nohg will go and say you're wrong and some other tansi crack will go and say that other nizg nohg is wrong and then some asshole will come on and say some dumb shit about Rhode Island. I love the internet. Please buy my product;)
I would like to refer whoever decided to "FORGE" this piece of Useless (useless in that it is not useful at all cause it is incorrect) bit of this site
I correct myself in stating 'coastline'. Michigan has a shoreline, Alaska has a coastline. Quoting Wikipedia: "Coast is a specific term, and is applied to that part of an island or continent that borders an ocean or its saltwater tributaries. A pelagic coast refers to a coast which fronts the open ocean, as opposed to a more sheltered coast in a gulf or bay. A shore on the other hand, can refer to parts of the land which adjoin any large body of water, including oceans (sea shore) and lakes (lake shore)" -
Michigan has the longest coastline in the contiguous US, with 3,288 miles of coastline. Alaska has 6,640 miles of coastline.,1607,7-192-29938_30243-103397--,00.html
Maine? You dumbass? How do you figure Maine has the longest coastline? Have you seen how big Maine is? Alaska has well over double the coastline of Maine. I'm pretty sure both California and Florida have more Coastline than Maine. Seriously, Maine?
I've never seen so bad looking site. It's almost unreadable. Obviously the web designer's head is full with unnecessari knowledge.
Michigan actually has the longest FRESHWATER coastline in the U.S.
Richard S: - it's Alaska, although the earlier comment about 'coastline/shoreline' is incorrect - it's a coastline, albiet one leading to a Freshwater sea navigable by ocean-going tankers. Chicago is a port for a reason.
Michigan has a shoreline not a coastline and its only half the size of Alaska.
Dan Faggety:
Alaska has roughly double the coastline of Maine, as well.
Alaska Chicka:
Dude.. it's Alaska.
Hey Chad: Not only that, but Alaska has a longer coastline than the lower 48 states COMBINED.
Dan Haggety:
ITS MAINE YOU DUMBASS. Heres an Unnecessary piece of Knoledge.. Youu love balls in and around your mouth. Dumbass
This is not true. Alaska has almost double the coastline of Michigan.

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