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St Nicholas, the original Father Christmas, is the patron saint of thieves, virgins and communist Russia.

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And to add to Liza'a comment.. The story goes that there was a family with three children. The family was very poor, and they knew they may have to sell the children to have the money/food to survive the winter. Saint Nickolaus came and tossed three bags of gold(/food. accounts differ) into the window, and the children did not have to be sold. If they had been sold, it was very likely at that time that they would work as prostitutes. Therefore, St. Nickolaus is the patron saint of *Prostitutes and Children*. Or so my German teacher says ^-^
thats really not true. and saint nicolas was actually a German named Nickolaus.
There was a real St. Nicholas, though if he was communist, I don't know.
Who can blame them - caught red handed (theives), popping virgins (red) and communism (red).

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