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In the last 3,500 years, there have been approximately 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world.

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you think people are mtlosy good, acting on chemical or spiritual signals in the brain, such as empathy and compaction, guilt, kindness, love?Cause the way I see it people are mtlosy arse holes! Does that make me a arse hole for not having unconditional love for my fello humans.People want to kill each other, weather it's a rase devied that separates people or religion, or football team or side of town your from, people like having a scrap, eating there kebab and telling there pals about what knob head they filled in down the town after a few jars. Have people not already said fuck it? Fuck it I don't care people have said. Let's just emagian a huge crack in the sky opened tomorrow and a big smilly face popped out and said hi everyone, god here (or alian or whatever), let's all just calm down or your going to ruin you home, by the way try not to kill each other yeah, war and that, it's a bit shit, so you know just find a new hobby yeah, cheers, see you in anorther few thousand years would much change, McDonald's would still sell burgers cause people would still want to eat them, other examples ect ect.So the majority of people dont care we agree. Cause they have been conditioned lied to held down by fear, ect ect.However some people do care, so, where are they where is the Gandhi's or dr kings's or bob Marley.s to bring the reviloution to majority of people's eyes.I don't really know what I'm on about you know, I wouldn't even call my self a bed room activist cause I'm not that active. I don't have a opinion cause I can't trust what I can research to form one.Too much war, not enough love.I like my iPhone, I don't grow my own veg, still eat meat, know 911 was more than fishy. Don't vote, travel on planes, watch redtube, wast time and money, claim benefit ect ect.Realy enjoyed your documentary though!Oh just a quick one for ya, whats you opinion on the london riots, you used some footage of that. Civil unrest, or people up for a good time/ free tv's?Hope some one gets back to me, took me 20 minuets to write all that nonsense.PEACE [url=]ktbzssqub[/url] [link=]vwocqobfo[/link]
Beautiful and inspiring! I just got<a href=""> fliamngo</a> peppers in my CSA box in northern California and googled to find a recipe so now I'd like to print your recipe but can't seem to find instructions help! xoxo
Hi Lisa, I hope you really enjoy your flgianmo peppers. They're so fun to work with. Since this recipe is embedded in the photos, there isn't a print function, unfortunately. A smart phone or tablet propped up on the kitchen counter is probably a good bet. I hope you enjoy!
There has NEVER been a war among civilized people!
War is hell. I guess from this statistic, we are not far off!
PJ you forgot natural selection
War and disease are also the only natural forms of population control for humans. We have no other natural enemies besides ourselves.
But we cant keep this up forever, thats why a little break once every 15 years or so is nice.
Wow. We are trying as hard as possible to destroy our species.

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