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The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight in case of war or emergency, they could be used as airstrips.

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How Have I not seen your blog before? You make some aamzing stuff. I need to stay at your house and take a course or something because you make it look too easy.
Often private pilots of small planes do find the freeway the port of last resort..but putting a modern war plane down one one of them anywhere would most likely mess up both the pilot and the scenery. Even the old flying fortress of WWII fame would chew up a lot of beautification projects. I was alive during the Eisenhower administration and the concern was to rapidly move materials about to facilitate industry and construction. For the most part it worked..just ask UPS, et al.
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I come from a little Waikato fanmrig village, and the sheer volume of stuff like this posted from people back home can be overwhelming not just harmless scams, of course, but warnings about the dangers of vaccines, endorsements of psychics, and posts extolling the dangers of the sickness versus wellness models of medicine . It's not something people can be faulted for too heavily, we were certainly never taught critical thinking in our small rural schools, nor at Thames High School. I challenge it reasonably often and I hope with some tact, but mostly that's earned me a reputation as an antagonistic outsider.The challenges we make really are an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff, and I'm not sure how much effect they really have.
hi i'm gullible, and i believe anything that someone posts on the internets
Jim Smith:
Totally not true. Like a lot of other stuff presented on this site. At least check now and then.
I don't think it was a law so much as a design for new highways during WWII. The key word being during, not before or since.
Urban legend or not, it's based on the fact that Ike sold the idea of a Federal Interstate system on the need to upgrade highways to a German standard so tanks could move freely in case of attack.
I hate sites like this that have no problem promoting fiction as fact. This isn't 'knowledge' at all.
this has been proven false:
I've looked it up, and it's been proven false. There is not a single law anywhere declaring such a thing. You need to work on your social skills a little more, Riley.
Well, I kinda am an expert. I am a pilot. I have looked specifically for this before, and it is not even close to being true. Granted, there are parts that are straight, but sometimes they are only every 50 miles or so. So, no. This is not true.
Well you must be right right darth. I mean, you're obviously an expert.
This is completely false. It's just an urban legend.

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