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If one spells out numbers, they would have to count to One Thousand before coming across the letter "A".

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you could say 101
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Holy shit. Shut the hell up. This is a website. And fighting over it is useless. Honestly. Jesus fucking Christ.
I thought "and" was a conjunction, no?
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Mara Kuupperi:
Haistakaa te mursut paska
What about negative one?
For instance, "one hundred and twenty" is the same as 120, just like "one hundred and two hundred" is the same as 300.
NO! We are not saying that "one hundred AND one" implies any SPECIFIC decimal! What we say is that the "and" indicates a separator for a different number altogether, in Nathan and his followers' case, a fraction. In math, you use "+", in English, you can use "plus","and", and whatever other word in existence used to join to ideas together!
so this means that,in us english , "one hundred and one" is an abreviation of "one hundred and one tenth" !
Examples of correctly spelled numbers (in US English): 101: One Hundred One 100.1: One Hundred and One 100.01: One Hundred and One Hundredth 100.001: One Hundred and One Thousandth Hope this helps
case and point: this exact question is in the new version of cranium entitled "cranium wow". the fact that it is in the game means it is true.
OK we'' l give it to the yanks for the the way some of you pronounce it.. But it is a bastardization of the correct pronunciation of "One Hundred and One". I really don't see how anyone can get 100.01 from that though?? How would you say 100.1 or 100.001? There are a lot more than two decimal places!
Not that Americans actually follow good grammatical sense, but one hundred and one implies a decimal value such as one hundred one and one one hundreth (100.01)
***"and" is a preposition. It is not acutally part of the number.*** End of story.
Jack Smith:
Nathan, how the hell does one hundred and one imply that the number is 100.1? Then you would say one hundred point one. "and one" clearly means one, NOT 0.1.
one hundred and one is how we are taught in school here in Canada..
J Erolin:
One is singular, but "they" can refer to either a masculine or feminine pronoun.
Tom Hanna:
"One" is singular, while "they" is plural, so "one would have to count" or "he would have to count" or even "she would have to count" but not "they would have to count".
In American English, 101 is pronounced as "One hundred one", while in British English it is proper to pronounce it as "One hundred and one".
"One hundred and one" is the proper British English term for 101, while "One hundred one" is the proper American English term for 101.
One hundred and one implies that the number is 100.1 not 101.
In Sweden you would get to four. Ett, två, tre, fyra.
Pauly P:
Depends on where you come from. I'm from the UK and I'd say one hundred and one.
The correct way to write it is one hundred one... you fool.
How exactly is 101 spelled if not One hundred and one?

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