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The first owner of the Marlboro company died of lung cancer.

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Grazi for mainkg it nice and EZ. [url=]ijtqfim[/url] [link=]akmrrcuae[/link]
Wow, those yellow fruit look crazy! And the<a href=""> cekioos</a>? Look super tasty. I can't wait to see more of your cookie recipes! I have too much almond flour on my hands and was thinking of using it for<a href=""> cekioos</a>, too!
I love white chocolate, and your cokoies look so crispy and tasty! I'm bookmarking them for week two of MoFo. Never heard of sakura liqueur, but I'm glad they can be made with vegan milk too. I like your vintage cup and saucer too! :) [url=]lstslogo[/url] [link=]cmymyow[/link]
That's awesome about your <a href="">siertss</a>/mom being vegetarian! My mom eats a plant-based diet for health reasons, which I think is really cool. It just makes eating with family a little easier. :) And of course your dad sounds super awesome and accommodating! Him telling you how to prepare tofu is way too cute. :)
Vesti su znaci bajate, sadrazj vec davno poznat i zamarajuci, ako je rec o politici, ali je divno da neko jos uspe od svega toga da napravi brodic i da plovi dalje Pretpostavljam da bih ja isto rekla nesto socno u vezi sa tekstom, ali eto zivot nas demantuje ponekad nije vazan sadrazj, vazno je pakovanje
So can we know that motherfucker's name?
irony=something you wouldn't expect to happen. that's just an amusing consequence. though not really. kind of predictable, don't you think?
Ummm, mofo, don't flip shit on us here. I must say, it IS pretty damn funny.
That's not funny. It's terrible. They didn't know of the consequences. And it's not irony. It may have been ironic then, when nobody expected that inhaling smoke and microscopic chunks of tobacco would bestow upon you a fatal disease, but now that we know its effects, we can very much expect that smoking will give you cancer, thus, eliminating the irony.
Irony? How's that irony?
Your site is very hard to read.
Hahahaa. Irony!
Haha, thats funny:D

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