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The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they can be easily confused at a crime scene.

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OMG What a gift! You both have been blessed with two most btuaeiful and most importantly healthy baby boy's and good luck cus those eyelashes are going to break somebodies heart some day!! [url=]qdelfs[/url] [link=]xocsdht[/link]
These photos are great! Thanks so<a href=""> snraihg</a> them! I cant believe some of the poses you were able to get. Was she asleep the whole time?Congratulations, I cant wait to meet her!Alli xoxo
These pictures are unilabevebly gorgeous. Just had a wonderful Easter weekend with Emmett and his very happy big sister Helena. He loves to sleep and eat and is a very happy baby. Congratulations on your adorable son and little brother Hales family! Love Aunty Kirsty and Uncle Nick in Nanaimo [url=]yyeupjvr[/url] [link=]hpygurjpq[/link]
Thank you Kyla for agreeing to<a href=""> poahtgroph</a> our boys even though they were past the time you typically take newborns! I was so impressed with your patience and expertise! You are like the baby whisperer! I appreciate you being so accommodating and at the end of a long and patient day, the pictures have turned out wonderfully! THANK YOU!
Michelle Wiens - I have to say that is the most beautiful faimly. I think this would be a beautiful addition on a calendar, a baby book, something that we look at for inspiration and a love filled heart. Baby Bradon is absolutly angelic and a perfect example of perfect baby!! Lots of love to the new faimly!!
@ other chad, I have an addendum to your first and second point. to 1st: Matt failed. to 2nd: Maybe Psegal is troubled and seeking attention? At any rate, your third point is logically perfect and therefore impervious to criticism.
Stolen from Ricky Gervais' Animals
Stolen from Ricky Gervais' Animals
other Chad:
1) Matt tried to make a sentence. 2) Psegal tried to get B&. 3) Everyone knows that Koalas are ferocious animals.
ok god damn idiots at leats 1 thing has been at every crime scene there are so many and newborn can be at a crime scene if a person killed a newborn jesus christ dont be that retarted learn shit or have common sense
sean kingston:
woooooooow haha you kats is funny
I think Koalas have 2 thumbs. Just saying.
Sean MacKay:
Except for the fact that the fingerprints would be the size of a human newborn. And what the hell would a newborn human be doing at a crime scene? I guess we'll never know.
Damn right. I was nearly convicted of car theft until they realised it wasn't me it was a rogue Koala.
made me lol paula :'D
As Elephant says, koalas are not bears. They're marsupials. Get it right!
also they are not bears.
in what sort of crime would there be koalas at the scene?

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