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Bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all invented by women

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Emily, bulletproof vests were invented by a woman due to the invention of Kevlar, which is what the bulletproof vests are made of.
No, Anon, this is not all they can do, this is just all they've gotten credit for. Everything they do goes unnoticed so that men don't "lose their power" Sexism is a mental illness stemmed from psychosis from the fear of losing power.
Joe is right..kevlar was discovered by a woman. The first "bulletproof" vest was made by a priest.
Just saying. Laser Printer- ----------------------- Kevlar- Windshield Wipers -----------------------------------
Women are over 50% of the population and this is the best they can do?
The bullet proof vest was actually invented by a man. Kevlar, the material used in common bullet proof vests was invented by a woman
LUL the comments are more interesting than the actual fact.
the windshield wiper in general, not the timed windshield wiper, is what the op is referring to
What about that movie where the dad of the family invented the intermittent windshield wiper. ? I'm pretty sure that was based on his true story.
jeez, american asses, this is true. Google it you sexist fucks and go abuse the rest of the world/your women like you like.
Matt, being a sexist shitface with anger problems doesn't make you cool.
man ok so what, men invent shit and women invent a fukin kick in the balls which i might add should never happen because ive heard of losing a ball so we needa get women pregnant and then run so how easy is it with ur army marchin in just half assed
fire escape and windshield wipers, yes. bullet proof vests and laser printers, no.
I doubt it..

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