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Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible.

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以我以前做空姐的常住Anchorage (北美最北之地區) 勁暖氣酒店的經驗, 對付暖氣房有以下對策:1) 如空調有得選擇, 我會開最暖的冷氣(25 c), instead of 最冷的暖氣. 因為冷氣既風係from coelnot, 而暖氣係from 發熱線(dry 好多). 如無得選擇, 我會選擇關掉暖氣. (唔會好冷, cos 有中央暖氣)2) 弄濕一條小毛巾(濕度有80%) 放在bed side table near where you sleep. 容易入睡. 呀, MANUKA HONEY 好似要15+ 以上先有用喎! [url=]cveayeepqdg[/url] [link=]mwdwekaz[/link]
it doesn't really do much apart from being anti <a href="">baerctial</a> if it's active 5+ or above. They also found that it's not all that healthy as it is full load of sugar so you should only have a little bit at a time. However it's still very yummy. The best winter desert is : honey + banana slices -> microwave 30 sec
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I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing this information!
1. Chocolate has an expiration date 2. Twinkies do expire but the shelf life is so long (like 75+ years) they don't need an "expiration date" 3. HONEY DOESN'T EXPIRE EVER. If it is in a glass container (good quality honey is in glass) place it in a pot of boiling water and in 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on amount and level of crystalization, it should look as if it was freshly havested. Also I believe, I don't know for sure, to ferment honey it requires additives.
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Honey doesn't "Spoil" .it gets RANCID.
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Fermented honey is not spoiled. Mjod is honey wine, meaning, obviously, it is made from fermented honey. Oh and i have had chocolate go bad before.
Salt does not spoil, but then it is technically not a food. sugar does not spoil either.
I think the best honey is when you keep it on the shelf and rather then crystallize it kind of congeals, that brings the maximum amount of sweetness out of it.
dude honey is bee spit and nectar
Edible, but probably not enjoyable.
stupid me!!! and i threw away the hunny that i thought it was many years old -.-
It should be added that honey is the only natural food that doesn't spoil. Chocolate doesn't spoil either, but it is artificial.
yo what is up all
It's not entirely true. When kept on open air with a high moisture level, the sugar level decreases and honey will eventually spoil. Kept sealed though, honey is indeed everlasting.
Cristalized honey is not spoiled. It is edible .. you can heat it up a little. Fake honey does not crystalize.
False. honey can ferment after it crystallizes.
Harry the Hobo:
That is soooo cool!
and the twinkies
Honey and McDonald's hamburgers.

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