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The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan. There was never a recorded Wendy before.

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I think I was as excited as you were when I first saw it in the <a href="">magzaine</a>. My partner and I are birders and so I am used to "looking" at birds and identifying them when we are out, but I knew these birds as soon as I spotted them. I see your work everyday on your blog and in my daily planner. I am quite familiar with the beautiful Geninne birds. :)
I'd call those "chore birds". I make lttlie chore "requests" and write them in lttlie comic style bubbles, then photocopy a bird I've drawn or made. Each child gets one in the morning with their own lttlie chore. (I posted about this on my blog last winter). I have to say, it only worked for a while.. but they were fun for the day or two that they were effective!
ang gnda ng peter pan tsaka ang gwapo ni peter pan may season 2 pa ba to kc ang ganda lalo na c wendy at peter nag kiss clang dalawa kasi pra lumakas c peter..
Bob Smith:
This is exactly why you don't believe everything you read or hear, always do your own research. As a functioning person of society you should question everyone, people often have ulterior motives and will outright lie for their own gain. That is the problem with schools now, they want you to regurgitate information that a lot of the time is opinion instead of promoting free thought and objective disagreement. Unfortunately though even if you do your homework and formulate a well thought out disagreement teachers will still mark you down for disagreeing with them, I see this all too much.
Uncle Frank:
Yeah this is 100% false. Peter Pan first appeared in a collection of short stories in 1901. "Wendy Gram, a female resident of Ohio, was born in 1828"-
It was originally an abbreviation of several Welsh names (Gwendolyn and Gwenda etc.).
the name Wendy appears in census records prior to "Peter and Wendy" being published.
Purpah Drank:
Untrue. Barrie POPULARIZED it, didn't invent it.
According to JM Barrie's biography, Wendy was a word that he used to refer to a childhood friend of his. He could not pronounce "friend." It would come out as "fwend." So, when he would go visiting, his parents would ask if he wanted to see his "fwendy."
no true
'wendy house' came from the book too
actually, it was occasionally used as a boy's name previously..

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