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The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

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heh wow this video really just <a href="">heepld</a> me. i'm only 19 so i couldn't be seen grabbing an opener since my parents were in the same room. Thanks, I am now thoroughly enjoying this beer
whether to laugh or cry . so next is teeth, toenails and urm hevaily moussed hair ?and what happened to that gorgeous clean face? you've gone all hairy again Bad Pat
While I don't know how true it is, it's very plausible. To make a cigarette lighter, all you need is a container, fuel, a wick and flint. Lamps and candles have been made with all of these (with the flint or other lighting mechanism kept seperate) for millenia. Matches (or at least modern friction matches) work by coating a stick in specially mixed chemicals designed to ignite on when struck against certain surfaces. Matches are more technologically advanced than a Zippo.
This is..almost true. The cigarette lighter was invented before the modern day friction match. But there are examples of early matches dating as far back into the 6th century.
vaz the spaz:
no way thats soooo hard to beilive but i have haerd it before ok now that i have written a run on sentence goodbye.

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